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ArtCast4D, the website

AAASeed is one of the driving forces behind

The interactive immersive production field is heterogeneous and made up of several organisations, companies and independents that work with a variety of software and hardware solutions, for the most part in museums and curatorial cultural contexts.  

Objective 1: is to produce a global framework for European Cultural Creative Industries for designing and developing efficient, cost-effective, multi-site, multi-platform non-invasive immersive and interactive users’ experiences designed as global social sculptures (Artcast4D).  

Objective 2: aim at providing advanced understanding and global business solutions on Artcast4D setups to enhance both bottom-line performance and social impact of small and medium-sized cultural heritage sites and arts centres. Thanks to the high versatility and the easy tuning of the envisioned platform, a time-sharing approach enabling multiple communication experiences within a day will be promoted (e.g. with educational contents in the morning, scientific or cultural grounds in the afternoon, artistic propositions at night). 

Objective 3: to set a reference open innovation environment with a robust commercialisation plan that largely supports the adoption, deployment and upscaling of immersive and interactive technologies by the creative communities throughout Europe. 

Objective 4: to technically and financially promote the implementation of the technology outside the cultural institutions – in the heart of the city or in more remote places – for educational, informational, entertaining, or marketing purposes, bringing together creative actors and industrial partners with civil society and public stakeholders.