Welcome to the AAASeed software: a real-time virtual construction set

Discover AAASeed, a versatile 2D / 3D real-time engine developed and used by Mâa (Emmanuel Mâa Berriet) since the last century. Our open-source project is designed to build installations of various complexity and sizes.

Supported by European funding to go Open Source (ArtCast4D), AAASeed aims to enhance the way we interact with digital environments. Our software allows artists, developers, and businesses to tap into the world of 3D real-time graphics and immersive experiences.

AAASeed focuses now on three core applications:

  1. VJing – Create captivating visuals that complement live performances.
  2. Data Product Visualizations – Communicate complex data through clear, engaging visuals.
  3. Immersive Digital Installations – Experience the fusion of art and technology in interactive environments.

Browse our Productions menu to see how AAASeed is making a difference in the creative and professional spheres. Let’s build the future of immersive experiences together.

Welcome to AAASeed – where software serves humans.

Documentation and GitHub to come